Hi, my name is Amy and I run The Really Wicked Beijing Tour Company.  I have been in the Beijing tour business for several years now, but realised that beyond the standard Great Wall / Forbidden City trips, nobody could offer anything a little more "off the Wall" shall we say, for the more adventurous amongst us. We all know that Beijing is an exciting, vibrant and exotic city, but few Westerners are able to dig very far below the tourist sheen. Our aim, as our name suggests, is to give you a really Wicked time in Beijing by showing you the real City as the locals know it. Our tour guides are hand picked and trained to the highest standards. We are absolutely unique in that not only can you choose how you'd like to fill your day but also who you'd like to show you around.  Your fabulous guide will arrive at your chosen pick up point at the time requested and you'll be off for the time of your life I'm certain we'll be able to fulfil your Beijing dreams. Our mission is simply to give you such a good time that you'll be dying to come back again and again. So, we look forward to seeing you one day soon and here's to a Really Wicked time ! Amy